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North Balgowlah

02 9949 7552

Domestic Electrical & Solar panel installer service on Sydney's northern beaches.

Helping households save energy and reduce the co2 emitted into our atmosphere one home at a time.

Providing the best possible domestic electrical service on the northern beaches, using the best quality electrical and solar products , including solar panels, battery storage and inverters.

JPE Electrical
Trust us with your environment.



About Us

The electrical system in your home and the solar system on your roof needs to last

So many systems out there simply don't do that, and the after care service is next to none, I have had countless stories from customers telling me about problems that they have had with other trades-persons not even contacting them after the work has been completed, it's just simply unprofessional.

I come from a long line of trades people and to hear this from customers is worrying and annoying for me. You have just trusted and contracted the trades-person to work in your home and they don't even have the courtesy to contact you when there is a problem.

From us you will get outstanding service and best quality installations, whether its wiring your home, installing solar that last or a simple house call, expect the best of service.

Reducing co2 emissions

A few years ago, I read a great book by a CEO of the world bank (I don't recall the name), Their number one priority was climate change and the effect that it will have on humanity, it really made an impact on me for one reason, This is the CEO of the world bank, and 99% of his time is focused on money and economies, now for someone like this to prioritise climate change, I knew that it must be a huge deal, (years later, we now understand that it is the number one issue we face, above all else).

I do take great interest in renewable energy and sustainable choices, but I also understand that it is not easy sometimes to make the right decisions (I have a family and a business with not much spare time) and know the pressures.

By reducing carbon emissions, we can improve our environment and provide a more sustainable future for generations to come. Low energy lifestyles and renewable energies are proving to be a major factor in reducing CO2 levels,and the demand to our energy services.

If you need advice on the right lighting choices, how to cool your house efficiently, a simple way to monitor your energy usage, or advice on our solar choices, Contact Me today to find out how you can make a difference.

"Customer satisfaction guarantee"

I have been looking after my customers for over 10 years, and have recently found "home" with my family on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, having been born in the U.K  (moving to Aus in 1997). We love it here! I enjoy the community spirit, beaches and the bush. It's just an amazing place to live.

Keep an eye out for the van and be sure to say G'day!  Joe.