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North Balgowlah

02 9949 7552

Domestic Electrical & Solar panel installer service on Sydney's northern beaches.

Helping households save energy and reduce the co2 emitted into our atmosphere one home at a time.

Providing the best possible domestic electrical service on the northern beaches, using the best quality electrical and solar products , including solar panels, battery storage and inverters.

JPE Electrical
Trust us with your environment.



Energy Saving electrician Northern Beaches

Helping you save energy in your home is easy for us, and so it should be.


We start with free installation of an energy monitor, that all the family can use, this simple and well designed device monitors your energy usage, and is displayed on the front with an LED  click here for image


When you have had the monitor for a few days you will start to see what is costing you money, I can then explain to you what your options are, its as simple as that,


Some simple solutions are

- Replacing halogen lights.
- Installing fans instead of using air con.
- Using lower wattage globes.
- Turning off stand by power.
- Shutting computers down.
- Installing daylight sensors.
- Installing sensors.
- Using efficient appliances.
- Installing solar.
- Selecting the right heating and cooling.
- clean and maintain solar system.
- installing energy monitor.

Energy Monitor!

What does a Watson do?

click here for image 

Install an energy monitor, installation is free, Watson can help you identify where your money is going.

This awesome device is simple and easy to use and looks great, it will give you instant accurate feed back on your energy usage.

My kids love to see how the energy meter moves , and run around the house turning off lights,  
they don't know it but they are now little energy savers.


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