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North Balgowlah

02 9949 7552

Domestic Electrical & Solar panel installer service on Sydney's northern beaches.

Helping households save energy and reduce the co2 emitted into our atmosphere one home at a time.

Providing the best possible domestic electrical service on the northern beaches, using the best quality electrical and solar products , including solar panels, battery storage and inverters.

JPE Electrical
Trust us with your environment.



Joe's FAQ

Q1 .How long will it take to get my power back?

A. We can usually get you back up and running within the first hr, if you have an old wiring system, it can sometimes be more serious.


Q2. If I install solar panels will it pay for all my electricity?

A. The short answer is No, but it can contribute to lowering your energy bill, and in a few years will have paid for itself.


Q3. How much money can I save when I install solar?

A. 4kw system can save you around $1200 per year, from your energy bill.


Q4. Do LED lights use as much electricity as my old down-lights?

A. No LED use approximately 80% less energy that old halogen and are a lot safer as they do not get as hot (in fact halogen lights can burn at 200 degrees C and fire hazard occurs when rodents and birds build nest over them when you are on holidays).


Q5. I leave my T.V and other appliances on stand-by they don't consume much power do they?

A. True each appliance does not consume much energy on it own but collectively it can add up to as much as $100 per year just to have your T.V, etc. on stand-by.


Q6. It seems that my electricity bill has risen but I don't think I have been using more electricity!

A. Electricity prices are rising and will continue to rise, due to the upgrading of the electrical infrastructure.


Q7. What is the most economical way to cool my house?

A. Using ceiling fans is by far the most economical way to cool you in the summer months (and they look nice on the ceiling).


Q8. I have an old fridge, is it worth getting a new one ?

A.Yes, a fridge that is 10 to 15 years old could be costing you around $300+ extra a year more to run the a fridge that is five years old.