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North Balgowlah

02 9949 7552

Domestic Electrical & Solar panel installer service on Sydney's northern beaches.

Helping households save energy and reduce the co2 emitted into our atmosphere one home at a time.

Providing the best possible domestic electrical service on the northern beaches, using the best quality electrical and solar products , including solar panels, battery storage and inverters.

JPE Electrical
Trust us with your environment.



LED LIGHTING Northern Beaches

Benefits of led down lighting

L.E.D lights are our preferred choice of lighting at JPE Electrical. There are many benefits of using L.E.D lighting instead of Halogen and standard light bulbs:

  • Energy efficiency: LED down lights consume up to 70% less power than a standard halogen downlight

  • Cost effective: The decrease in energy usage means there is a decrease in running costs, saving you money in the long term
  • Safety: LED lights generate virtually no heat, reducing the safety risks such as fires, burns and breakages
  • Longevity: LED lights last up to 10 times longer than halogen and incandescent bulbs, ensuring value for money once installed. LED lights are also extremely durable, with the ability to withstand vibrations, shock and extreme weather conditions.
  • Environmentally friendly: LED lights are made from less-toxic material, and are also recyclable.

At JPE electrical, we use the best quality lighting at the best possible price. Our lights also come with in-home warranties from 3-7 years, and you can be sure that we will provide you with the best fitting for all your lighting needs.


We also support bear cottage and will donate $0.50 for every LED down light install.

North Balgowlah,

Thank you Joe and Adam for installing my new LED down-lights great job and the house was spotless